20 December 2007

The Last 1 Year

Insomnia strikes...and I know the reason.
Who would've thought that time could pass so quickly? A year ago tonight, at pretty much exactly this time, I remember having the world's largest grin stretched across my face and having this feeling, this sense, of possibility... How odd that exactly one year later I am sitting in the dark, in my apartment, by myself, battling insomnia and an inundation of memories. Did you know that "to inundate" literally means "to overwhelm with water; deluge"? I never realized how apt it was that I frequently described feeling utterly dominated by whirlwinds of thought or emotion as something like drowning.
Time likes to play cruel tricks on us, I guess. I don't think I've ever previously recalled exactly where I was or how my circumstances were different one year, to the minute, before the present moment. I am right now, and it gives me the bizarre sense that my life is some sort of collage with captions. Or a juxtaposed black-and-white photo spread in an art magazine. Or even a cheesy movie montage, with the appropriate soundtrack, of course-- "If You Leave" by Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark seems cruelly appropriate, with the closing strains of "Don't look baaaaaaaaaaaack..."
Anyway, I found the video (in the post below) of Dorothy Loudon singing "Fifty Percent" from the musical Ballroom. To me the song is a study in mixed emotion and subtlety, of looking back and examining the present, and of the importance of what is unsaid. That's why the visual is necessary-- is the song triumphant, terribly sad, or bittersweet? Watch it and let me know what you think.

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