02 August 2008

Mark, you are so wonderfully weird...

I am a sad sad lady.  Mark Kanemura, my favorite dancer by far on So You Think You Can Dance, was eliminated yesterday, along with my female favorite, Chelsie Hightower.  Mark is just such a beautiful and passionate dancer-- his Viennese waltz on Wednesday actually brought me to tears.  It's a combination of his delicacy, athleticism, and innovation, but as attractive as his dancing may be, what really sells him is his FACE.  I look at it and it's so full of profound emotion that he seems less in the midst of a routine and more in the depths of a life-changing experience, albeit one with lifts and turns.  Passion is a must for me, and it is written all over Mark's face.  And his hands, for that matter.  He has such graceful hands, and we all know about my hand fixation.
The main reason, however, for the Mark love is how wonderfully weird he is.  He attributes his dance style to his always being "a bit left of center," which, being a statement with which I greatly identify, makes me want to conquer my clumsiness and take dance classes.  I can't sleep because my feet are moving under my covers, longing to participate in close holds and leg wraps and pirouettes and leg extensions.  I want to be interpretive and create my own weirdnesses.  Showing his true classiness, Mark thanked his fans in his final interview for giving him a chance despite his difference.  Being able to preserve your quirkiness and have that make you lovable instead of laughable?  That is what I seek everyday, and I'm so thankful for Mark's beautiful dancing to serve as an inspiration.  Best of luck, Mark!  If you're ever in D.C. maybe you'll do a dance or two for this left of center lady? (if that sounded dirty at all, it truly was not intended to be!!!)  Anyway, here are some stills of some of Mark's greatest hits.