18 March 2008

Things that have been making me happy

* I got into my graduate program! So as of July, I'll be moving to Washington D.C. in July and living in Virginia. Hello, cost decreases! Plus, Virginia is for lovers.
* My new thing is standing up for myself. But not in a defensive way. More in a "whoa, breathe, now let me talk" kind of way. Being a drama queen and working with plenty of drama queens/kings can be quite frustrating, but this new tactic is helping me deal.
*New coworker Nick. He's fierce.
*I just ate NewTree chocolate in "Tranquility"-- meaning it's infused with lavender. I'm feeling the peaceful properties. Ommmmmm.....
*Going to see sing-a-long Grease on the big screen at the Ziegfeld Theatre.
*Lula!! The new Lula is out. I love British people, indie musicians, quality art, and fairy-tale frosted hair. Anything glittery...
*Flowers on the street. Beautiful.

* Reflections. Especially the one in this darling vintage housewares shop, The Upper Rust, in the East Village. I wandered the East Village tonight until my gold ballet slippered feet went numb.

*This staircase-- and engraving-- that I found on my walk. People stared as I took a picture, but I didn't care. I'm a quirky sprite. I sometimes think that's accepted more uptown than downtown! I love Yorkville.

* I took a cue from Ginny B and stopped at Birdbath Bakery for a chocolate chip cookie and farmer's lemonade, which really is like liquid sunshine. I was sad when I finished it!
* Enchanted on DVD. I'm about to watch it...I can't wait until both Enchanted and Dan in Real Life are available pre-viewed at Blockbuster so I can get one of those fantastic 2-for-$20 deals!
* The Chrysler building at night. I captured this photo last night, right before saying goodbye to Kate. She's moving to Boston! She's been such an incredible friend to have in New York. She'll be a friend for life. No doubts about that. I'll just miss having my glittery leopard-pump wearing, redheaded sister in crime around!


Alya said...

may you always find happiness in the small (and big) things in life!

Katelin said...

love the pictures, so beautiful.

and yay for enchanted and dan in real life, love both those movies!

kat said...

oh, pretty photos. your blog is such a sweet little place.

(oh also -- i used to work for your Employer From Hell, in the same department, under the same evil dictator. congrats on escaping.)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I thought the exact same thing about Dan in Real Life! I was just talking to my best friend about the movie (she just rented it). I love the 2 for $20!