25 March 2008


I slept the day away, making it out long enough to grab a Skinny Hazelnut Latte and run over to Housing Works to buy Sabrina and Dead Poets Society for $1 each, along with Shabby Chic Home (I'm obsessed with planning the quirky new decor for my DC apartment) and Embers by Hungarian writer Sandor Marai. Funny story about Dead Poets Society: I've actually seen the beginning and end but never the middle, because I had my first real make-out session during the middle of it back in the day and haven't rewatched it since! (it's safe to say the relationship didn't turn out that well.) Anyway, since I'm moving into the teaching profession, I thought it was time to familiarize myself with the brilliant (albeit fictional) John Keating.
I also perused the internet and found some amazing sources of inspiration:
Something's Hiding in Here's Shauna and Stephen have the most amazing, quirky apartment. It's like a festival of whimsy. A swing in the middle of the apartment? Genius! I also love the repainted thrift furniture. I dream about having a baroque-style mirror with high-gloss kelly green paint in my bathroom-- and once I move, I will definitely be applying their painting tips!

Refinery29's motto is "independent style, defined and refined," and their selections for their "My Style" column represent that perfectly. This month they feature Lou Doillon, who, granted, is a bit predisposed for indie glamour. Mom is Jane Birkin, and sisters are Charlotte Gainsbourg and photographer Kate Barry. I love this photo of her styling models for her new denim line.

They also profile Alice Temperley, who cites Gustav Klimt as one of her great style mentors. I think that she and I may be the same person.
Also, the beauty of La Garconne, which features a greenhouse-inspired fashion photo shoot. The models remind me of Au Revoir Simone. I remember reading Heather, Annie, and Erika discussing which March sister they would be in Little Women. I think I would be a mix of Meg and Jo. Which one are you?

And when I move to DC I will be living according to this website. The title is fantastic-- Brightest Young Things?!? Someone is quite clever. I can't believe that tomorrow night the Smithsonian is having a screening of Sunset Boulevard-- it's a film I always reference when I describe someone living wholeheartedly in the past (and nobody ever gets the reference). Next year if I ever have some free time, I hope to attend some of these events! Plus the Eels are playing at this synagogue-- how amazing is that??
Tomorrow I intend to wake at a normal hour and actually leave my apartment for more than an hour. I'm thinking Chelsea Market, maybe a visit to get some Lower East Side pickles, maybe check out the vintage goodies at Dulcinee...read some of the Thomas Hardy biography, maybe check out John Derian? (whose gorgeous Provincetown home is profiled in Vogue Living. I want it!)

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Chele said...

deads poets society is a great classic. I am so envious that you get to decorate your apartment, It is something I alwasy wanted to do, all I ever decorated was my bedroom.

I always identified with beth and Jo in little women.