24 April 2008

Coming soon

I have a wise and introspective post in me. I do. I'm just exhaustemotional (that's my combination of exhausted and emotional), indulging a bit of the quarter life crisis, being ridiculous per usual, and coming off of a trip back home to Cleveland for a few days...and a trip home (at least for me) is always interesting. I don't have that closeness with my family that a lot of people have. They are wonderful and I love them, but in some way I will always feel like I'm the child about whom it has to be said, "Oh, yes, she certainly does her own thing," with a wave of the hand, or *hearty chuckle*, "HollyG [note: not my real name, haha] does seem to get herself into quite a few mishaps." My friend Sara assures me that every group of friends needs a drama queen, though. It just seems to be magnified in Cleveland though, because the surroundings are so...drama-less.
Anyway, the best thing about going home is seeing my grandmother. Next week she will be 93 years old, and she is the cutest person on the planet. I think that I only really started to appreciate her after my mom's parents-- the American grandparents, with whom I was crazily close-- passed away when I was 18. My little Polish grandmother can be cantankerous and calls obsessively, but I know now that it's because she loves us so much. She is losing her memory a bit, but I doubt that she could ever lose the memory of me and our relationship. When I was home, she looked at me (up at me; she's 4"7 on a good day!) and said with certainty, "I will be at your wedding." That faith was so inspiring-- both in her presence there, years in the future, and in the eventuality of me finding someone who I am thrilled to spend the rest of my life with. Deep in the quite-recent shadow of a heart broken several times over, it's tempting to doubt that things will finally come together. But my grandmother thinks I'm stunning, and I think she's enchanting.

Happy almost birthday, Grandma! I love you.

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Alya said...

So touching.. this post is endearing..