08 April 2008

ooooooooooh "weekend"

Listening to "Merry Happy" by Kate Nash on repeat. Feeling the need to have patent leather red flats to tap in time to the music. Read The Dud Avocado in Bryant Park. People watched. Saw a strange phenomenon: boyfriend using his girlfriend's shoulder as a coat rack. Drank coffee in a latte bowl. Fought with my mother (details later) and asserted my passionate existence. Lusted after this.And these.

"It's just that I know the world is so wide and full of people and exciting things that I just go crazy every day stuck in these institutions. I mean if I don't get started soon, how will I have the chance to sharpen my wits? It takes lots of training. You have to start very young. I want them to be so sharp that I'm always able to guess right. Not be right-- that's much different-- that means you're going to do something about it. No. Just guessing. You know, more on the wing." ~Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado

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