03 May 2008

The Big Move, part 1000

As I simultaneously try to re-rent my beloved NYC apartment and secure a new DC one with the beloved roomie-to-be, Flying Squirrel, as I struggle to tie up loose ends in New York but begin planning for my future, as I perform the day-to-day of my current job while stressing over whether I'll be good enough at my chosen field as of August 08, as I pay the bills, see the sights, say goodbye to lots of people who've touched my life and one who knows me better than the majority, investigate rents and commutes, placements and loans...I focus on one thing to distract me from everything and put a grin on my face:
Flying Squirrel and I have decided that our style is grandma-chic. You know, crazy grandma with lots of stories and travels, Victorian lamps alongside Eames-era sconces and tissue paper flowers from when she was a girl. She has more of a modern flair, while I have more of a quirky sensibility (which comes in handy and prevents my apartment from looking too Laura Ashley). I've been reading home decor blogs by the dozen (special thanks to DesignSponge for providing hours upon hours of distraction) and flipping through many a back issue of Domino.
Here are the rooms that have been inspiring me the most. Think I can recreate any of these on a pretty restricted budget??
www.patriciagrayinc.com Rita Konig's trompe l'oeil fireplace on domino.com
Guiness heirs in Vanity Fair
Living Etc.
Sara Bengur interiors

Blonde Redhead in Domino



Sabrina said...

I LOVE all these things. If you love thrifting/flea marketing/craigslisting, it will be a slow process, but you'll dig up some AMAZING finds.

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

i LOVE the porch swing in the room. love love looove.