08 June 2008


Ahh, Zooey Deschanel on the cover of July's Lucky Magazine! And a peek into her closet!
The girl is just a little too awesome. It almost makes me want to go see The Happening. Almost...
In other news, I've started to give up on the patterned armchair as an accent for the apartment. I can't seem to find one that is the right size, the right style, and most of all, the right price. I don't want an old lady flowered chair-- I want something sleek but old-fashioned, with a whimsical print. Bohemian Victorian Whimsy. If only Zooey could help me shop. But I've decided instead that a solid armchair, provided it's the right shape, could work if we do colorful pillows on the couch and seat cushions on the wooden chairs. I will use my limited sewing skills to make covers for pillows I already own. The challenge? Definitely limited resources-- being in Ohio right now-- and finances. I want wild Josef Frank printed pillows-- in prints like these:

The problem? Ordering Josef Frank fabric from Just Scandinavian is at a minimum of around $250/yard, with a two yard minimum...which is not even close to the realm of affordable. I can afford about $50/yard, and that's with just using the designer fabric for the face of the pillows and cushions and using plain cotton for the back panel. Any advice, readers? Are you familiar with any fabric similar to Josef Frank's designs, or even (gasp) knock-offs in cotton instead of linen? I can't even find any sites other than Just Scandinavian that carry Frank prints!


Katelin said...

i love zooey so much, she seems like such a cool girl.

I LOVE YOU said...
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