03 December 2008

Petticoats and peep-toes

I love a good 50s-60s silhouette.  I simply adore the look of the cardigan, puffed out skirt, and heels a la Reese Witherspoon as June Carter in Walk the Line.  I am also finding myself newly obsessed with Mad Men-- I know, I'm late to jump on that train, but can I please raid the closets of the buxom Joan and the prim and proper Betty?  (And can I please have some of that Betty lingerie from when she's not being so prim and proper?)
I don't really watch Pushing Daisies-- yes, I know it's being cancelled-- but I also love Anna Friel's sophisticated but flirty 1950s fashion.  So very Grace.  So very Audrey.
If you want to fully embody the spirit of the age... (this) and (this) and (this) and (this)
I'll have a Brandy Alexander, please.  And a Kir Royale for later.


Christina said...

Lovely dresses! I love 50s and 60s style which why I'm also in love with the old classic movies. :)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I often feel like I grew up in the wrong generation. I miss the style and culture of the 50's.