14 January 2009

Tea and wisdom

I don't know if I've ever believed in reading tea leaves.  I believe in superstition, and I once visited a psychic who had extraordinary insight into my anxieties, but the idea of tea leaves or palm reading always struck me as arbitrary and contrived.  Still, the soothing power of tea itself, drinking tea, is incontestable.  I need that tea right now.  And I need the message, more than ever, that said tea brought to me.
At first I thought that it read "to matter," which gave me this feeling of satisfaction.  I am mattering.  But then I discerned "master," and still I was soothed.  I feel like I have lost my mastery of teaching-- but maybe, at least according to my tea, all I have to do is teach once again and the mastery will reemerge in no time at all.  And maybe in my mastery, I will matter.

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Therapeutic Ramblings said...

"And maybe in my mastery, I will matter."

That is awesome.

I think we matter far before we master something. Of course, when we do we can reach another level, it can be life changing. It is like when you hear a musician who transcends what you thought music could be...it becomes so much more.

Hmm..rather deep for 12:20am.