24 March 2009

who'd have thought that love could be so caffeinated?

A bit of context first.  I think I have already talked on here about how I used to be a huge musical theater dork in high school.  "Dork" may be the wrong term, because the girls who did musicals were actually the creme de la creme, although I wouldn't put myself in that category, and the boys who did musicals were the star athletes.  And the closeted gay men, of course.  (Side note: I could not for the life of me figure out in high school why Kevin C. didn't like me-- we both loved to bake, we both loved the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac...)
Anyway, around my junior year, a particular song was released by two cabaret songwriters; the song was an ode, if you will, to our beloved java purveyors.  I more than anyone know how much a coffee guy can make your day.  The only thing I was sad about when I left the Employer from Hell was leaving my corner coffee man.  He knew exactly how I like my coffee (skim milk and one sugar) and he would always slip free baked goods into my bag.  Years before this, I had had a different experience with a coffee guy when my local Caribou Coffee worker asked me on what turned out to be the most horrendous date of my life; I ended up avoiding that coffee place for the next three years.  Therefore, the song "Taylor the Latte Boy" always brings up equal parts nostalgia and nausea.
Every mezzo soprano out there who came of age in the early 2000s has sung "Taylor," with its heartfelt melody and saccharine sounds.  I clawed my way to find the [then unavailable] sheet music.  Now, however, it has become a bit of a cliche.  Which is why I particularly enjoy this hilarious rewrite.  Having lived in New York for a while, I find it too too apt.  Furthermore, I am filled with envy at this singer's comic timing, and it actually makes me nostalgic for the horrific customer service of New York City.  I know, the grass is always greener...

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