11 May 2009

Two drifters

Today, on my way back from The Italian Store (complete with tiramisu), I got caught in a downpour.  Raindrops the size of marbles sploshed down upon me.  I ran through the torrent, unabashed and unafraid.
But I missed my Paul Varjak.  And the Cat.
Today was one of those Mean Reds days-- stress, mini panic attack, pulled over and ticketed on my way to class.  And then the rain came down, and it was like being cleansed, anew.  I watched the raindrops pound-- nothing falls like London rain, nothing heals me like you do-- my sunroof and all I could see was pennies in fountains, swirly skirts, kelly green.

It's all going to be okay.  We've been cleansed.

(photo from the lovely pixie july)


Anonymous said...

haha i love that photo and I hope you feel better

Pixie July said...

This was a beautiful post. Sometimes I really do feel like the very scared, very lonely little girl Holly Golightly - in fact, I often fall asleep with the strains of Moon River drifting through my mind. But just as you say, small things can lift the spirits in an instant!