27 July 2009


1) Reading: The Camomile Lawn

2) Re-reading: The Fountain Overflows

3) Listening to: The Like, Pete Yorn, Imogen Heap, Blue Roses

4) Watching: The Edge of Love

5) Dreaming of:

6) Remembering (and missing, oh so so much...)


Anonymous said...

aww the old couple in the tent is so sweet

I'm always dreaming of fruit laden desserts hehe

I need to see edge of love, its been on my list for months now...

I saw 500 days of summer yesterday finally, it was amazing and now I fully understand your post about Summer's glorious apartment. Not only was it gorgeous and I wished I could decorate something so wonderfully, but it did really show her as a person. the Narrator's note how Tom finally got to see the true Summer in her own habitat that few saw was really insightful and such a great idea

HollyG said...


Both couples are actually my grandparents! The woman in the tent is my grandmother who passed away in January. She was my best friend and I miss her so much. My grandfather-- the man in the tent-- died when I was 1, so I don't remember him, but apparently he was amazing. My other grandparents passed away in 2002, and I've never seen a love like theirs-- it's what I aspire to in my own romantic life.

I'm so glad you saw (500) Days. I want to see it again!

Anonymous said...