05 August 2009


It's wearing thin...but it's still there.

In my dreams, when I think about my first day as a real teacher with my own classroom, I'm wearing this:
I'd teach The Lovely Bones and Tess of the D'Urbervilles and have my students hang photos of themselves reading their favorite books on the wall using string and clothespins. We would immerse ourselves in our texts prior to reading them, decorating the classroom with Corinthian pillars for studying mythology, learning the Charleston and reenacting a (virgin) speak-easy for The Great Gatsby. We would write everyday and have guest speakers about the value of writing in real life and how to adjust for purpose and audience. And I'd return home, exhausted and ready for ginger tea, to this:

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Pixie July said...

HOORAY for you - I'm so glad!! You sound like a wonderful teacher - I would have loved lessons like that for English GCSE... maybe I would have ended up continuing studying it, considering my love of books! Enthused teachers really do make all the difference. ^^ Plus, rainbows and Chagall and bookshops... I do adore your blog. All the best fortune for your move!! xx