01 February 2010

la vie en rose

I wonder into what category obsessive date-keepers fall. Are they like list-makers? Clean-freaks? Those obsessed with memorizing all the digits of pi?
I keep track of dates so that I can remember what used to be....I like to think that it doesn't prevent me from moving on, but I think that it's more difficult than we could ever imagine to find the balance between honoring the past and dwelling in it.
1/31/09. My heart still has a chip in it. Worst of all are the days I forget you're gone.
I hope you're watching and guiding me. I hope you're proud of me. Miss you.

she loved her flowers...but she loved us best of all.

1 comment:

encore petite said...

I don't know you and visit your blog for the first time ...
But this post just made me cry ...

I send you comforting thoughts from Paris,
x x x