07 February 2010

oh for purple nights and lazy mornings

I squeeze my eyelids shut, tight, and I dwell on infinity and objets d'art and passion...
"As I began to write our story down, I thought I was writing a record of hate, but somehow the hate has got mislaid and all I know is that in spite of her mistakes and her unreliability, she was better than most. It's just as well that one of us should believe in her:
she never did in herself."
~Graham Greene, The End of the Affair~

"She thought it was part of the hardship of her life that there was laid upon her the burthen of larger wants than others seem to feel-- that she had to endure this wide hopeless yearning for that something, whatever it was, that was greatest and best on this earth."

"Saints and martyrs had never interested Maggie so much as
sages and poets."
~George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss~

"I am never quite alone. Members of my family keep turning up and collecting luggage and going away again, but the white
raspberries are ripe."
~Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited~

(photos from a variety of unremembered sources. please credit them in your hearts)

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