10 December 2007

Redeem with ruby slippers

I'm still very frustrated, but I can't handle signing off for the day on such a negative, depleted note. I found this picture from J. Crew and couldn't help but be charmed-- when I was a little girl I desperately wanted a pair of ruby slippers! (I still sometimes do).
Another item on the childhood want list? A fancy dress coat was a must, accessorized with bows. I was Victoriana-obsessed even back then! To this day, I still want a fur muff.

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sparrowsoul said...

ok, can i just say what my dream has been for most of my life...? to eventually be rich enough to buy the actual ruby slippers and put them in a glass case, on a pedestal, in the entrance to my home... seriously... let's go find us each a pair of shiny red ones sometime this month, ok...?