03 January 2008

5 Things I Love Right Now

First day of new job went really well! I'm quite pleased. Thanks for the sweet wishes, all! In no particular order...

* Audrey Tatou. There's just this impishness about her, both a nod to old Hollywood and modern quirkiness. A girl at my new workplace looks like Audrey Tatou but with flowing "Amy Adams in Enchanted" tresses, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her today! It made me want to die my hair dark brown and become French. When I see pictures of Audrey, I always think of that scene in Amelie where she talks about the pleasure she finds in the sound of cracking creme brulee with a spoon...

* "Cause I love the way you say good morning, and you take me the way I am." (it's all about the simplicity. Thanks, Ingrid.)

* Blueprint magazine. I bought the final issue yesterday, and while I'm furious with the Powers that Be for closing it down, I'm grateful for the many issues I've saved over the past few months! Check out the beautiful photo at the bottom.

* Mismatched china. When I move into a new apartment and deck it out with antiques, trompe l'oeil designs, and significant amounts of bookcases, I will install hooks over my sink to hold the fancy china (no two cups alike) that I will use on a daily basis. And at tea parties! I will also use them as candle holders and jewelry holders.

* Red Envelope's Joyful Heart Necklace. Not only is the double-wrapped chain, the inscription ("joyful"), and the style totally up my alley, but 25% of each sale goes to the Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps heal survivors of sexual assault. The locket is supposed to be a reminder of internal power; six tiny gemstones, each a symbol of empowerment and intention, can hang on one side of the locket. The wearer can select 1-2 stones that best symbolize an intention for the day, week or year. I'd choose garnet to represent love, compassion, purity, and truth, and iolite, which leads to inner knowledge and higher awareness. I want it!

But I guess fear has a way of making sleep unbearable
And the days seem cold and long
But we cry and we dance and we stumble into love with awkward, perfect grace
The moon is gone and the sun has took it's place


ana said...

Audrey Tatau she's quirky yes. Kindda reminds me of the 60's Twiggy.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Audrey is charming no doubt. She's a modern day fairy. With way better clothes.