01 January 2008

Clean, fresh

I'm trying to start the new year with a clean slate. Truthfully, I want to embrace simplicity right now-- I should wear more white and go back to wearing pearls. I should stop watching television. Most of all, I should stop being bitter about The Former Employer from Hell, especially since I came home today to yet another nasty letter from them, this time accusing me of "willful misrepresentation." Ugly people exist, that much has been proven to me-- but I am better than that. SO much better than that. I should be grateful that I was raised with respect in my marrow. Integrity is my essence, which I guess is why I have such a hard time backing off when I see wrongdoing. But I do not want evil people to leave their stigma on me, because that dulls a sparkle that I am very proud of. Here's something: I got out of there, in one piece, with my principles still intact, and now I have a job that is eerily perfect for me. I was told yesterday that I deserve to be appreciated...well it's time that I realized that! Isn't that realization more important than making The Former Employer from Hell recognize their wrongdoing? They will never admit it. They will never acknowledge my strength. BUT, I can acknowledge it! I've got to move on.
I may have to wish on a penny or two... (mine is the shiny one on the bottom)
Always show my true colors...Channel a child's innocence and bliss... (how beautiful is this little girl!?!)And always remember that I am anything but ordinary. (a red giraffe? guess that's me)
"There are oceans to cross, there are mountains to conquer
And I stood on the shore, and I stood on the cliff
And the second before I jumped I knew where I needed to be..."

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