14 February 2008

Happy pointless commercialism day

Yet another reminder not to talk to my mom about my love life-- much as she loves me, she has an amazing ability to twist my words and not understand the phrase Please, I just don't want to talk about it. I bet the Von Trapp children never had this problem with Julie Andrews.
"Mother, what do you do when you think you love someone...I mean when you stop loving someone... Or he stops loving you?"
"Well, you cry a little...and then you wait for the sun to come out."
~The Sound of Music

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Bebe said...

Hi Holly!

Don't let Valentine's get you down ~ it is all a huge commercial and is extremely tough for single girls! Plus, I think it is a plot to throw us off our diets with all the chocolates. I try desperately to avoid that aisle in the grocery store! Next they are going to start with the chocolate Easter bunnies! :)

Come over to my blog because you've been tagged to talk about a book. Read today's post for all the info.

Bebe :)