08 March 2008

Absolutely smashing

Much as I love love love Jillian from Project Runway (and think she looks a bit like Miranda July!), Christian's final collection absolutely blew me away. It was couture, wearable art, a neo-Victorian gothic display of opulence, and I fell in love. I know that most people couldn't carry off these looks, but seriously, the people who can carry off high couture are in the minority. They have to be statuesque, almost like mannequins or human clothes hangers. But the detail, the fabric, is incredible. I LOVE the hats. I wish I could walk down the street with a tilted wide-brimmed hat, the equivalent of Veronica Lake eye-obscuring locks in hat form. His styling reminded me of the Ascot horse race scene (written to perfection) in My Fair Lady.And speaking of quirkiness...have I mentioned yet how much I adore Holly from Make Me a Supermodel, much as the show is terrible overall? I want to go thrift shopping with her!

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