09 March 2008


I've been feeling strangely restless lately, but not in a physical sense, if that makes sense...I don't feel the need to wander from place to place, but I just feel a bit concerned. I have a lot on my mind and I feel like in the past week my mood has gone from pale yellow to stormy gray (with flashes of sun, but back to rain again). Not like it was always pale yellow-- there were lots of question marks there, whereas now I have a better idea of where my heart lies and what I need to do, which is to focus on what's best for me. But how to do that raises question marks and teary moments of their own.
I've been finding solace in jezebel's blog. Also chocolate-raspberry ice cream. And today I bought lemon zest sorbet and the newest issue of Vanity Fair. And I started Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavlada. But something is missing, and I don't know what that is. Maybe I need to take Chelsea's advice and fill my well. But what are small ways I can do that, without spending tons of money in this city that sucks the soul out of you and eats your bank account? Suggestions, please, the more creative the better.

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Chele said...

I will always love your writing style, its so poetic.

Oh and I got the VF issue, it is actually becoming one of my faves mags to read.