14 June 2008


This chills me to the core, it's so beautiful. I feel that it perfectly embodies a love less ordinary. It makes me want to prance around in tulle. The lifts with the skirt look like floating on a cloud. It's the passion that gets me-- the entirety of feeling when Mark kisses the back-bent Chelsie from collarbone to lip, the look of intense concentration and care when he drops the compacted Chelsie-as-tulle-ball to the floor...To me it captures all of the euphoria, passion, and complexity of love.


Pixie July said...

I agree, this is grogeous! I'm so glad you're writing again - it makes me happy seeing your new posts whenever I check back here! Hope you don't mind but I've linked to your blog on my own - an inspiration :)


Alya said...


HollyG said...

awww, pixie, thanks! and of course I don't mind, I'll add you to my blogroll :-)
It makes me so glad to know that my posts matter to other people!

I LOVE YOU said...
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