18 June 2008

sprinkles, sprinkled

from *~Uplifting Arts*~'s Flickr photostream
When I was a little girl, I used to make what I called Sprinkle Soup. This was my first attempt at cooking, but it was really an art project and evidence of a sweet tooth. I would fill coffee filters with all types of sprinkles-- paillettes, jimmies-- and the more colors, the better. After adding a couple tablespoons of water, I would eagerly stir and watch the colors blend together into a prism of pink, purple, yellow, green sugar. Eaten straight out of the coffee filter with a sterling silver spoon, it was heavenly. And as I contemplate the importance of being surrounded by pops of color that blend together in a satisfying sweetness, Sprinkle Soup serves as an inspiration.

from My Favorite Color Is Shiny

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Katelin said...

mmmmmsprinkles. love.