19 June 2008

oh pretty macbook...

This is my very first post on my new pretty macbook computer!  Gone are the days of the whirring Dell-- I brought this up with exbf a few days ago and started the conversation with "Remember when we would be hanging out in my apartment and it would sound like a ship was departing in the corner by the couch?"  No longer.  This mac is freakishly silent.  It is also CLEAN and WHITE.  Exbf worried about it getting dirty, but once I brought up my obsessive wiping of all surfaces with Method grapefruit-scented cleansing wipes, the subject was dropped.
I am still definitely getting used to the flat keys and am making lots of typos as a result.  I also have no idea where anything is located and cannot decide exactly what iphoto should be used for...is there a My Pictures equivalent?  And the whole idea of transferring information from one computer to another seriously worries me.  Will my music transfer seamlessly?  How about my pictures?  Where will they go?  Do documents just switch over, or do I have to save each document as an RTF file before anything works?  This also raises the issue of external hard-drives.  How do I know what type of hard-drive to purchase?  And do I just hook it up to the PC, drag on information, and then hook it up to the mac and "voila"?
I am computer stupid.  
Here is another opinion question...what about desks?  I need an attractive desk that is not a large, hulking piece of wood like all desks seem to be nowadays.  If it's not a corner desk, I can't spare more than 44 inches of length, and the desks I'm seeing all seem to be 60 inches or more.
I will post a picture later of the current ugliness that is my bedroom in DC.  It's a strange shape, and the bed really needs to be facing the door to avoid the "eerie" factor of having a door behind me while I'm sleeping.  I need as much advice as possible on how to add color without the trouble of painting!  And on pretty much a $0 budget.

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