22 June 2008

Need a mental vacation

Do you ever feel like you have to escape from yourself and the chaos you've gotten into?  Or like you are being pulled in two different direction, becoming stretched so thin that at any second you could just rip apart, like pantyhose?
In short, I feel like I'm being taken advantage of in a certain aspect of my new post-New York life.  It feels like deja vu-- I seem to be unable to escape it, and I'm left thinking once again that it's me and me against the world.  I just want to run away and hide, or go back to before I made choices that put me in this position to begin with.
I keep looking at these tire swings and thinking that it sounds ideal to just sway with the breeze in a place that has all beauty and no complication.
From CaptPiper's Flickr 
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Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I need an escape from my life to recharge...not even a vacation, but time to just go, "Okay...stop thinking...just BE"