28 July 2008


I'm currently in Cleveland again, having just had my wisdom teeth out.  Ouch.  It's a very strange sensation.  I keep feeling the stitches with my tongue and thinking it's some sort of food stuck in my teeth in the back.  And the jaw pain is another pleasant sensation (NOT!!).  Not to mention the fat face.  It's back to DC on Friday, so I'm hoping we have significant improvement by then, and then my first day of class is on Monday, so I'm definitely hoping the pain/ugliness has lessened!
To pass the time I've been rereading Anne of Avonlea.  I think of myself as a bit of an Anne-- redheaded, passionate, always imagining and always getting into scrapes.  Of course, I'm far less "well isn't this the most lovely world ever!" than Anne-- call me Anne plus a hefty dose of realism.  I do look at teaching much like Anne does-- changing children's lives and helping them to be the best students they can be, although I would definitely play favorites for Paul Irving.  And give Jen Pringle a serious reality check.
Oh, and maybe I'm a bit of a romantic like Anne, too...
"I don't want diamond sunbursts and marble halls.  I just want you."


Frankly, Scarlett said...

Awwwww - i KNEW I loved you!

Check it out, kindred spirit - i had my wisdom teeth out on Friday! How is your recover? Hopefully going well - mine's just annoying at this point with the stitches still in. Yuck!

Say hi to Anne for me :)

Katelin said...

oy on the wisdom teeth, mine was such a ridiculous process.

and i never read the anne series, always wanted to but just haven't had the chance. but i love the quote and i feel like i'd love the stories too. maybe some day...