20 November 2008

A passionate existence, and some Bloomsbury, please

I am currently inspired by the nonconformist Bohemian belles, the Garman sisters, occasional scandal-makers and prominent Bloomsbury set personnes d'importance.  Of course, today the sisters (namely Kathleen, Mary, and Lorna) are relatively inconnues.  They were lovers of life and lovers of many lovers...Vita Sackville-West, Roy Campbell, Laurie Lee, Lucien Freud... And they were drama queens, all of them.  As Kathleen said, "What muddy pitfalls one inadvertently steps into in search of the rare and the beautiful."  Do you see any resemblance to the model featured in "Dreams of Tomorrow" in the latest issue of Lula?
Kathleen Garman
Lorna Garman
Mary Garman
   Lula #7

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