18 November 2008

To market

I have been so inspired as of late by the myriads of fantastic, whimsical blogs in this wide universe.  Thank you all in my "ephemera, etcetera" links for providing me with such art, beauty, and zest for life.  It makes me feel as if mermaids were real.  And it makes me feel like my life, by extension, is beautiful, even if that beauty consists of humdrum realities like reading Oscar Wilde's poetry while drinking ginger tea and soaking up the wafting scent of a Baked Apple candle.
This past Sunday was such a glorious day.  It reminded me of my old inspiration searches in New York, but of course this time I forgot my camera.  I will try to paint the words.  My friend Sara and I visited Eastern Market by Capitol Hill in D.C.  As we drove through the streets of ramshackle (in the best possible way) houses, I noticed, up ahead, a glimpse of magenta.  Inching forward, I discovered that this gingerbread-house-made-real was a pillared wonder with pale pink siding, magenta shutters, a magenta base, and a mid-pink chimney against a white background.  It could have looked garish.  Instead it looked like a dreamworld, the setting for a Sofia Coppola film or a Lula photo shoot.  It was the sign of things to come.
Eastern Market is full of colorful textiles, old maps, Punch cartoons, clusters upon clusters of pearls, lavender pashminas, homemade soap, antique watering cans, floral and berry bouquets, Bronte books, photographs of silvery fountains, leather-bound journals, fur stoles, china.  Inside a small garage-like building we found hosts of the freshest fish-- beautiful sea bass-- and meat, homemade soups cooked by a Slovakian grandma, British jam, pumpkin gnocchi, chocolate ravioli, rosemary bread, clover honey, tomato sauce, triple-berry pie.  I wanted to live there.  Only bubbles floating through the air and a Glen Hansard-like troubadour would have made the moment more magical.
I spend my nights listening to A Fine Frenzy.  I want to inhabit her world.  She would be an excellent leaf-crunching partner. 
razzmatazz's flickr photostream
Watching the sky
Watching a painting coming to life
Shifting and shaping
Staying inside, it all goes it all goes by... 
~(a fine frenzy)


Pixie July said...

Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous music! I have really enjoyed listening to your mix tape. :)

I LOVE YOU said...
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