01 January 2009

Morsels of love in the new year

1) Zooey is engaged!  She and Ben Gibbard may be the quintessential indie couple, completely devoid of conformity, predictability, and materialism.  Yes, the same Ben Gibbard whose "Nothing Better" duet with Jenny Lewis I highlighted a few months ago.  And despite his lack of materialism, Ben still managed to pick out my dream engagement ring for Miss Zooey, completely in line with her (and my) love of all things vintage.  I got asked a few months what my dream ring would look like-- and this is it, no question, with a slight reduction in size.  I'm a modest lady.
2) I am leisurely enjoying New Years Day with sweatpants and the Bones marathon, where I have developed yet another crush on a fictional character.  Jack Hodgins (played by TJ Thyne) may be my perfect man, minus the fascination with bugs and bacteria: sensitive, thoughtful, artistic soul, sensual, slightly awkward, with beautiful eyes and wildly curly hair.  I love a man who is beautiful without being manicured.  And who can spell out "be my love" with black-lit bones.
3) Robert Graves' short-lived quarterly magazine The Owl was devoid of politics and all about art and writing.  It featured Thomas Hardy, John Galsworthy, Max Beerbohm, and the art of Pamela Bianco (a child prodigy and a relative unknown).  I am fascinated.  Find it here.
4) New favorite blogs Translating the Bird and Art&Ghosts, this fisheye camera, and McSweeneys.


Frankly, Scarlett said...

Morsels of Love from me to you, dahling! Looking forward to seeing you MORE in the new year!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment.

I am glad that you enjoyed reading my ramblings and consider them that magical. :)

I'm linking you on my blog :) x