31 December 2008

A bit of bubbly to ring in the new year

I am sitting on my couch drinking champagne, painting my toenails scarlet and watching the Nancy Drew movie-- dreaming of cardigans with jeweled buttons and fitted-bodice, flared-skirt dresses, blondies and lemon bars and brooches and sailor trousers.  And good, old-fashioned courtesy.  
Tonight I will don my Victorian childhood dress, with either my 1950s Killer Heels (4 inches!) or my new Sparkly Girl Flats that I got on sale in the outer banks.  I will dance and dine and imbibe more champagne, perhaps a kir royale.  I will twirl my swirly skirt and dance with the girls and ignore all text messages.  My new year's resolution: to live with passion and happiness and success, in every aspect of my life.  Here's to being the best I can be!

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