02 March 2009

Candy floss and lavender snow, chandeliers and Wonderland

I wish that I could live inside a Tim Walker photograph.  I would frolic with Karen Elson, her lips painted crimson to match her flame of hair.  We would whirl and twirl with veils and swishy skirts, dresses the color of licorice whips.
I would have a pet starfish named Sebastian-- after Brideshead, not The Little Mermaid.  He would play nice with the other animals, although they would throw invectives at him for his large, pretentious vocabulary..."alacrity..." "voluble..." "surreptitious..."
And you should see the house!  Oh the parties we would throw...It would be all streamers and lanterns and Viennese Waltzes.
"This was their favourite pastime, one that had begun when she was little.  Kitty loved her mother's wardrobe.  At Hay she used to climb in amidst fur coats and taffeta dresses that slid against her with a sigh of history.  She sat with a torch, reading for hours.  The cupboards contained the essence of her mother.  Overalls, paint-smattered, and T-shirts thin and soft with years of wear and washing.  Dresses that swore fun and seduction, heels worn down with dancing and late nights in the rain."
~Playing With the Grown Ups, by Sophie Dahl
And the light would be the color of a rosy apricot...
"As we talked, lights flicked on inside my head; by the end of the night, I was a planetarium."
~Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos
And then of course, we have...a horse of a different color!
"Long days and dreaming nights
Wide eyes take in all the sights
A little wonder goes a long, long way
Learning where to go and what to say...
Every moment's built to last
When you're living without a past
In a magic world."


Claire said...

Ahhh it's like how I imagine a modern-day Marie Antoinette would live, surrounded with pastel animals and beautifully-coloured cakes, dresses as lights and red-haired lades dashing about.

Katie said...

It sounds pretty perfect :)

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Love it! Just Love it!

Pixie July said...

Oh gosh, Tim Walker and his light-up dresses and balloon-filled houses!! Thank you for this delicious chunk of escapism. I am so glad you're writing again - but so sad about your beloved grandma. She sounds like an incredible heroine. Gregory Peck read this poem at Frank Sinatra's funeral: "We cannot see beyond...
But this I know:
I loved you so...
'twas heaven here with you!"