04 March 2009

Orange, blue, green and pink

"Sometimes rain that's needed falls
We float like two lovers in a painting by Chagall."

Marc Chagall turns dreams into brightly colored canvas.  (How I wish I were British so I could write "colour"!)  How I wish I were in New York right now, so that I could sip champagne at Lincoln Center while waiting to see West Side Story danced by the ballet...afterwards we could walk through the temperate mauve air amidst the swarm of the city.  We would pause to see the leaping fountain, of course.  I would make a wish, my eyes closed tight.  You would smile and wish for me, because everyone knows that a double wish comes true.  Then it's off to Cafe des Artistes for the Fountain of Youth!  I'd know I loved you when you saved me your spiced pear.  The spiced pear is the best part.


Claire said...

You go spell it "colour"!! It's the proper way, after all, and is much classier :)

Pixie July said...

I love Chagall - maybe as much as I love the Weepies, too! 'Lovers and Flowers' is one of my favourite paintings of all time. xx