30 July 2009

From Octogenarian to Antiquarian

"It's way more than anti-modernism, this sort of deep spelunking into the past...It's not aspirational and it's not nostalgic. It's a fantasy world that is almost entirely a visual collage. It's a stitched-together, bricolage world, an alternative world."

The New York Times has done it again, except now I'm concerned that people will abandon their Crate & Barrel living room sets and stray toward the bric-a-brac, the whimsical, the handmade, the antique. Granted, I don't have any taxidermy, but that aesthetic is a bit dark for me. Mine is a bit more twee, a bit more Lula. A bit more like this:
And of course I then need a Sensitive-Poetic-Quirky-Lover-Man to accompany me to heights of aesthetic glory:

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Anonymous said...

the asthetic is gorgeous, and love the last photo