31 July 2009

I was sick and tired of everything, when I called you last night from Glasgow

I want to go...Glasgow is simply lovely. I should have known it would be-- it's featured in my favorite ABBA song, and it's the home of Camera Obscura.


Anonymous said...

aww Glasgow was very friendly when I visited

Don Reed said...

Lovely websight. Typo. It works anyway. Left as is.

When the world was once in antique electronic drag (the physics kind, mind you), & we were forced to communicate solely by quill & pigeon, no one could have predicted that I would land here after first seeing a garage sale poster on a telephone pole.

The poster heralded, "It [the chance to buy the garage junk] won't have you looking like Grandma Yetta, but it'll still be awesome!"

Imagine a closet - any closet - being full of stuff that is lower in fashion altitude than the immortal gradient created by the makers of The Nanny.

Anywhohow, I went looking for more GY photos & opened this door.


And be well.