07 October 2009

New apartment pictures!

View from the door-- still a bit empty, and my coat is strewn across my desk chair. Any suggestions for rugs or wall art?
Closer, my lovely couch and exposed brick. I made the pillows from Anthropologie cloth napkins. On the table is my beloved Audrey Hepburn book, the best gift I've ever received.
Isn't she lovely? She hangs over my vintage secretary desk.
I made the Victorian-style silhouettes. They hang on the wall adjacent to the TV.
New armchair, lovely bird table, antique key to add some Victorian charm.
The TV rests on my grandmother's vintage dresser. The photograph is of Portabello Market flowers in London-- I took it a few years ago and enlarged it. I love the colors@!
Exposed brick and wire shelving.
My lovely kitchen-- note the vintage handkerchiefs that "patchwork" the countertop.
Lovely paintings in the kitchen.
Ceramic birds, crystal hearts, and lovely crystal "flowers" that never go bad.
The lone bedroom picture-- it's a bit unruly right now!

Far from finished, but I think it's loverly.


Anonymous said...

it is amazing! love the silouhette wall, so genius! and that audrey book was one of my favorite gifts ever as well

Caroline Cakewise said...

I love homes that are full of the person's character, where everything has some kind of special story attached to it... your flat look so like this! You must be extremely excited... xx

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I love exposed brick! Great floor too.