20 March 2009

her heart is full and hollow...

There's a man who's been out sailing
In a decade full of dreams
And he takes her to a schooner
And he treats her like a queen
Bearing beads from California
With their amber stones and green
He has called her from the harbor
He has kissed her with his freedom
He has heard her off to starboard
In the breaking and the breathing
Of the water weeds
While she was busy being free

There's a man who's climbed a mountain
And he's calling out her name
And he hopes her heart can hear three thousand miles
He calls again
He can think her there beside him
He can miss her just the same
He has missed her in the forest
While he showed her all the flowers
And the branches sang the chorus
As he climbed the scaly towers
Of a forest tree
While she was somewhere being free

There's a man who sent a letter
And he's waiting for reply
He has asked her of her travels
Since the day they said goodbye
He writes 'Wish you were beside me
We can make it if we try'
He has seen her at the office
With her name on all his papers
Through the sharing of the profits
He will find it hard to shake her
From his memory
And she's so busy being free

There's a lady in the city
And she thinks she loves them all
There's the one who's thinking of her
There's the one who sometimes calls
There's the one who writes her letters
With his facts and figures scrawl
She has brought them to her senses
They have laughed inside her laughter
Now she rallies her defenses
For she fears that one will ask her
For eternity
And she's so busy being free

There's a man who sends her medals
He is bleeding from the war
There's a jouster and a jester and a man who owns a store
There's a drummer and a dreamer
And you know there may be more
She will love them when she sees them
They will lose her if they follow
And she only means to please them
And her heart is full and hollow
Like the cactus tree
While she's so busy being free


Pixie July said...

Oh my, where to begin? First of all, I am so sorry you have lost your voice and are going through a bit {or a lot!} of an existential crisis - one thing I learnt from you at these times, my lovely, is to keep positive disintegration in mind. If you were more mediocre, with no purpose or meaning or castle in the sky to what you do, you wouldn't get as distressed when you feel you're not living up to that. But of course, it will feel wonderful when you inevitably do! ^^
This is such a gorgeous song - I hadn't heard it before, I especially love the last 3 lines... and I am so glad you answered my heart tag! I especially love your choice of picture - my own was a gift from my grandma, too. And, of course, Belle - I want adventure and someone to understand too! I always love reading your posts, and I hope more confetti comes for you soon. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was about to ask you to trade links but apparently you already have me. I'm flattered, but also confused as to why I have not linked you before today! Oh well, better late than never. I noticed we both live in DC currently (well I'm here for college at least) still its rare and nice to find a few capitol blogger! And your blog is quite wonderful, I'm not typically a big Joni fan but I love this song, its poetry is so amazing. Thanks for the inspiration

Sara said...

this is so beautiful...I've never heard the song before!

Ariella said...

What a wonderfully, sweet poem.

Thank you for the tag. I'll have to see when I'll be able to do it since I'm honestly finding it quite hard to come up with answers for some of those!